Meet Our Dedicated Team of Dog-Lovers

At D Pet Hotels, our exceptional staff embodies a genuine passion for dogs, ensuring that each furry guest receives the love, care, and compassion they deserve. We treat every dog as if they were our own, providing a safe, nurturing environment where tails wag and hearts are full. Our team is dedicated to exceeding every expectation, going above and beyond to make every stay a tail-wagging delight. Get to know the faces behind the affectionate cuddles and playful romps, as we strive to make your dog’s experience truly extraordinary.


A globetrotter who has visited over 25 countries, she is fluent in three languages, showcasing her love for diverse cultures. Her energetic spirit shines through, having been a cheerleader at the University of Florida during her college years.


“You can’t have a bad day when you play with dogs all day long!”


A dedicated U.S. Marine veteran with a passion for exploring the world, he embraces each day with an early start, waking up at 3:00 AM to make the most of every opportunity.

General Manager

“It is extremely rewarding to lead such an incredible team of passionate and driven team members!”


Armed with a Bachelor’s in Science and a love for cloudy weather, she finds adventure in both vacations and work, even if it means the occasional bump or bruise along the way.

Assistant Manager

“My favorite aspect of the job would be creating a family environment for customers as well as our furry friends!”


With a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and a global perspective from living in three countries, she once spoke four languages fluently. Her unique experiences and a surprising talent for whistling add an interesting dimension to her professional pursuits.

Assistant Manager

“I most enjoy building relationships with our clientele and providing a positive service experience!”


A reptile enthusiast with over 10 scaly pets, she has dedicated six years to the pet industry despite enduring seven surgeries on her right arm.

Assistant Manager

“I am most motivated by working with the dogs to provide a safe & fun environment to socialize with others!”


CPR certified for canines, this identical twin has had the incredible luck of meeting her favorite band not once, but twice. Her unique experiences and skills shine through in her work and interactions with others.

Concierge/Lead Handler

“I enjoy D Pet because I feel supported by my coworkers and get to hang with all kinds of different pups!”


Pursuing a forensic science degree at ASU, she brings a keen eye and passion for uncovering truth to her work. When not studying, she’s often found strumming guitar, showcasing her creative side.

Concierge/Lead Handler

“I love the uplifting work atmosphere and the joy of spending time with our furry companions!”


A movie buff who loves nothing more than getting lost in a good film, she also has a passion for live music and can often be found enjoying concerts, immersing herself in the energy and excitement of the crowd.

Lead Handler

“I feel like the fun aunt that gets to spoil the kids and send them home happy and tired!”


Born and raised in Arcadia, he has been working with animals since childhood, developing a deep understanding and love for our furry friends. As a dedicated breeder of show rabbits, he brings his passion and expertise to work every day.

Lead Handler

“I love the daily interaction with our clients and their dogs. For me, it’s a perfect balance!”


With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she brings a keen understanding of human behavior to her work. This Parks & Rec enthusiast finds joy in the show’s humor and heart, as well as the peace and comfort of a rainy day.

Lead Handler

“I really love the relationships you build with the pups as you get to learn all of their fun little quirks!”


Training to be a professional dog groomer, this animal lover is dedicated to his passion. Happily married, he finds joy in his personal life and career, striving to provide the best care for furry friends.

Lead Handler/Bather

“My favorite part of the job is working for the pups. I love animals of all shapes and sizes and would do anything for them!”


Hailing from North Dakota, this licensed esthetician of six years brings a unique perspective and keen eye for detail to her work. In her free time, she collects unusual lamps, adding a quirky, creative flair to her life.


“Everyone at D Pet Hotels is supportive of each other and you become really close with the pups!”


A California native with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science, she brings both a strong scientific foundation and athletic discipline from her college softball experience to her work.


“My favorite aspect of the job is bonding with all the dogs and working with the all the amazing staff!”


Passionate about weight training and live music, she’ll spend her last penny on a concert ticket. Just don’t offer her cilantro, which she thinks it tastes like soap.


“The best part of this job is receiving unconditional love from the pups and learning new things with each day that passes!”


Majoring in Criminology & Criminal Justice, this Washington native balances her passion for understanding the legal system with a love for the great outdoors.


“My favorite part of the job is getting to know and love all of the dogs!”


With a quirky humor, this true crime enthusiast jokingly calls herself a “bird lawyer” and “Minister of silly walks” while collecting miniatures in her free time.


“I love learning the dogs personalities, giving belly rubs, and talking to them like they’re people!”


A passionate concert-goer and artist, she brings creativity and a love for music to everything she does. Known as the “meme queen,” her quick wit and hilarious sense of humor keep everyone laughing and smiling.


“I love working with so many different pup personalities! I extend the same love and care to our furry guests as I would want someone to show my boy Chewie!”